Top 10 Moments: Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

Top 10 Moments: Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

I wrote this introduction three times.  Every time I felt like I didn’t truly convey how I feel about The Empire Strikes Back.  After careful consideration, I thought of a perfect way to introduce one of my top 10 moment countdown:

The.  Empire.  Strikes.  Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Disappointed Darth

This moment is obscure but it always makes me laugh.  The hyper drive on the Millenium Falcon is deactivated.  Vader is closing in with confidence riding high.

Then…  R2D2 fixes the hyper drive and POOF…

A single shoulder turn conveys everything.  It’s a perfect moment.  Even though Vader cannot emote through his mask, you can SEE the frustration on his face.  I love it.

My favorite obscure Star Wars moment happens at 10:37 in the clip below:

9. Tauntaun Time

I wish I could do a good Tauntaun impression.  It may not work it’s way into every day conversation but it would kill at any gathering of nerds.  Tangent aside, the Tauntaun sleeping bag is definitely one a memorable moment.  How the hell does Luke breath in there?  Do you think Han told him what he did?  Aspiring Jedi Master or not, I’d be grossed out.

8. This Is No Cave

This is why Star Wars is one of the greatest adventure stories of all time.  You never know when a cave could turn into a giant asteroid dragon whale snake!  (AKA Space Slug AKA Exogorth)

7. Who’s Scruffy Looking?

Best one liner of the series?  It’s up there.  Han Solo is the man.

6. Lando’s Betrayal

Lando’s initial betrayal causes all kinds of problems but none more than Han Solo.  He gets tortured for literally no information then he gets frozen in carbonite!  Lando may make up for it later but Han MUST have reminded him often.

“Hey remember that time Vader stabbed me with a giant needle table special best friend Lando?”

Also… Where the hell are the sparks coming from?  I’m terrified of needles but those sparks?  You’re a real jerk Lando!

5. That Is Why You Fail

Yoda spent a lifetime teaching younglings the ways of the Jedi.  It’s because of moments like these that he succeeds as Luke’s teacher.  Sweet fancy Boba this movie is awesome!

4. Hoth

Shhhhhh.  Just watch…

3. Carbonite

“I love you.”

“I know.”

2. Luke vs Vader

Classic fight scenes are hard to create.  Incredible twists are even harder.  Creating an epic fight scene AND mind blowing twist?  Legendary.

1. I Am Your Father

Luke vs Vader is so good it counts as the top TWO moments on my list.  I’ve even included the clip again so you can watch it twice.

It was always going to be number 1.  If you were to countdown the top 10 moments in cinema period this moment would top many lists.  Watching The Empire Strikes Back always gets me.  As an aspiring screenwriter, I’m inspired every time Vader says those magical words.  This is what storytelling is all about.  Cinematic perfection.


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