Top 10 Moments: Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Jedi

Top 10 Moments: Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Jedi

Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi is a phenomenal film that brilliantly wraps up one of the greatest trilogies of all time.  The film is full of amazing character moments, fights, space battles and charm.

Difficult to narrow down this list was.

10. Goodbye Yoda

Yoda has some final words before eternal sleep and powerful words they are.

9. Luke vs Rancor

Taking down the Rancor is a fantastic sequence in the film but it’s the creature’s keeper that steals the show.  Malakili is absolutely heartbroken his beloved Rancor is dead.  Makes you feel a little bad doesn’t it?

8. It’s A Trap!

In a fantastic twist, The Emperor reveals just how strategic and manipulative he is.  He knows exactly how to counter the rebels attack.  So we are given one of the most random quotes to be lifted to legendary status in the series.  Admiral Ackbar’s emotional declaration is unintentionally hilarious and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Now witness the fire power of this fully armed and operational battle station.”

7. Sarlacc

When I was a kid, I was terrified of the Sarlacc pit.  I can admit to it.  It IS terrifying!  Who wants to be digested over 1000 years!?

6. The Speeder Chase

Sometimes, I forget the technical magnificence of Star Wars for it’s time.  Without the aid of advanced computer graphics, they were able to pull off remarkable sequences like the speeder chase.  Unreal.

5. Nanta The Ewok

The Ewoks have always been a divisive element of Return of the Jedi.  Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit it’s heartbreaking when Nanta gets blasted.

4. You Don’t Know The Power Of The Dark Side

After Empire’s big reveal, I can’t imagine what it was like to see this conversation play out on the big screen in 1983.

3. Rebel Power

Admittedly, I’m cheating a bit with this one by uniting two sequences as one moment.  Han, Leia and their team must take down the powerful deflector shield while Lando leads rebel fighters against the death star above.  These battles are expertly woven together with Luke’s story line.  Editing at it’s finest!  Take that Emperor!!!

2. Luke vs Vader 2

The final showdown.  Luke battles his father in one of the most powerful scenes in the entire saga.  The lighting, the score, the choreography, the emotion…  Every single element comes together.  Every moment has lead to this battle and it delivers.

1. Anakin’s Redemption

The ultimate moment in the film.  Good vs evil.  Dark vs light.  Finally, Anakin lets go of his hatred, saves his son and destroys the Emperor.


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