Top 10 Moments: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Top 10 Moments: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

[Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Spoilers Ahead]

A new era has begun and after decades of speculation, Star Wars has returned.  The Force Awakens shattered records and won over fans around the world who doubted the impossible hype surrounding the film.

The Star Wars Universe is back!  So let’s look back at some of the best moments from Episode VII.

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10. Who talks first?

The opening sequence of The Force Awakens was critical to get right.  What will the tone of these new movies be?  Director J.J Abrams does a fantastic job setting up the search for Luke Skywalker, the evil Kylo Ren and the film’s surprisingly effective sense of humor.

9. That’s not how the force works!

Speaking of humor, this is by far the funniest moment in the film to me. (With all due respect to BB-8’s lighter.)

Chewie is cold Han!  Move it!

8. BB-8 Thumbs Up

BB-8 steals a lot of scenes in The Force Awakens but this is his shining moment.  Who would have thought a soccer ball could emote so well with head swings and droid beeps.

7. The Millennium Falcon

How dare you call the Millennium Falcon garbage!  This was an incredibly fun way to reintroduce everyone’s favorite ship again.

6. That’s one hell of a pilot!

I really love J.J Abrams choice to stage this shot as wide as possible.  It was amazing to see the full potential of an X-Wing in the hands of a talented pilot like Poe Dameron.

5. Starkiller Base Battle

Some fans have complained that The Force Awakens plot is too close to the plot of A New Hope. George Lucas once said these films are meant to be stanzas in a grand poem.  He wanted them to rhyme.

I agree destroying what is essentially a third death star is a bit repetitive but that doesn’t make this sequence any less entertaining.

4. Brain Battle: Rey vs Kylo Ren

Anyone looking to become a professional sound designer need look no further than the brilliant work in this scene.

Name dropping Darth Vader sent chills down my spine.  Anyone else?

3. Forest Battle: Rey vs Kylo Ren

Something tells me this isn’t the last epic battle we see between these two.  If the sequel is anything like round one we are in for something amazing.  (And hopefully longer.  She kicked his ass pret-ty quick.)

2. Luke Skywalker

The reveal generations of fans had been waiting for.  Finally, in the closing moments we get to see Luke Skywalker again.  And he looks…  Disappointed?  Distraught?  Guilty?

1. Han Solo

The obvious #1.  This HAD to happen.  It’s the only way to truly solidify Kylo Ren and his master Supreme Leader Snoke as classic villains.  It isn’t enough to look and sound scary.  If Kylo is willing to murder his own father in cold blood then all bets are off moving forward.

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