Top 10 Moments: Superbad

Top 10 Moments: Superbad

Every generation has it’s very own collection of classic comedies.  In my lifetime, I’ve enjoyed the Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy and Happy Gilmore era and later films like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Old School dominated my ‘pre-drinking’ days.  One of the greats is, of course, 2007’s Superbad.  Here are 10 glorious reasons why:

10. It’s 10:33

I feel like Fogel deserves a slow clap for telling Nicola the time.  Brilliant.  Not long after Fogel’s quick thinking he delivers another classic line.

9. We Could Be That Mistake

This scene is good enough to be mentioned twice on this list because this line sums up the movie in one hilarious moment.

8. The Best Kinds Of Food

There aren’t too many movies that can pull off a penis drawing montage.  (Read: None) Well played Superbad…

7. He’s The Fastest Kid Alive

I’m horrifically out of shape.  I’m okay with it and I’ve moved on my athletic younger days.  On the bright side, when I’m out of breath, I get to quote this line convincingly.

6. I Wash & Dry

Jonah Hill gets points for delivering these lines lightning quick.  Especially to Sarah Silverman’s older sister? (It’s close isn’t it?)

5. Why Do They Even Make This?

We’ve all felt that hopeless lost feeling when facing an unbeatable level or boss battle.

4. People Don’t Forget

Calm down Greg it’s soccer…  It’s soccer…

3. Byeeeeeeeee

This is one of the best exits of all time let alone one of the funniest moments of Superbad.

2. Oh No It’s The Cops

Prepare to get f*cked by the long d*ck of the law!

1. McLovin / Old Enough To Party / F*ck Youuuuuu

Right.  Fully cheating here combining three different scenes but McLovin deserves his moment.  His fake ID is brilliant.  His nervous statement to the cops is legendary.  Lost in the film is a little moment that many people may miss the first viewing.

I’ve included it below. Also if you don’t like Superbad (lifts shirt) f*ck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

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