Top 10 Moments: The Bourne Identity

Top 10 Moments: The Bourne Identity

[UPDATE: Check out the first full trailer for Jason Bourne here]

So…Matt Damon is back for another Bourne movie.

It’s hard to believe “The Bourne Identity” came out back in 2002, but even after 14 years (wow!) it is still one of Damon’s best roles. Complete with a very good supporting cast (keep an eye out for Walter Goggins in a minor role as one of the Treadstone support staff) it was the first of a trilogy with Matt Damon and even a fourth installment starring Jeremy Renner.  With the recent release of the trailer for “Jason Bourne“, let’s take a look back at The Top 10 Moments from The Bourne Identity.

10. Reunion

Who doesn’t love a good boy finds girl? Franka Potente did a great job as Marie, being both vulnerable and strong when she needed to be.

9. Flashbacks

Finally we get to see what led Bourne to this mess in the first place. LOSTies should recognize Mr. Echo as Wombosi.

8. Agent Activation

Basically a mini montage, but when put to music with some flashy editing and quick cuts it becomes an exciting little moment.

7. Hotel Lobby

Sometimes the simplest approach really is the best option. Good thinking by Marie. It was a great set-up with the voice-overs and complex instructions leading you to think this was going to be another key tactical scene on the part of Bourne.

6. Embassy Pursuit/Wall Crawl

Everything Bourne does is calculated, logical and thought out during anything combat related. It seems so basic but the wherewithal to rip the layout of the building off the wall as he is being pursued by Embassy agents makes complete sense. He’s in a foreign building and needs a map. Boom. Still a little surprised how he scales the exterior walls of the Embassy with such ease, (especially when they are snow covered) but either way he gives Spiderman a run for his money.

5. Stairwell Shootout

Some pretty close quarter’s gunplay, and one heckuva finishing move from Bourne. That sure was a risky manoeuver with really not much of a guarantee he would get back up from that.

4. Shut It Down

In one simple moment we see that not everyone is safe, regardless of who they are. Brian Cox is great; however his role is rather small leaving you wanting more. Luckily we get just that in “The Bourne Supremacy.” (Part of this moment is actually in the back half of the video for #5, Stairwell Shootout)

3. Damon vs. Owen

It’s agent versus agent, and a battle of wits and tactics is at the forefront.

2. Apartment Visit

Starting off with some answers as to who Bourne is, then some tension when he thinks they aren’t alone topped off with a very quick moving and exciting hand-to-hand combat sequence. The moment when the enemy agent rises off the floor and pulls out the pen lodged into his hand still gets me every time.

1. Car Chase

On one hand, it doesn’t seem feasible that a Mini could withstand the pounding of such a vigorous car chase. However, if it had been any other car it probably wouldn’t have worked considering the tight spaces it needed to get through. Paul Oakenfold’s “Ready Steady Go” was a great compliment to the action on the screen.

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