Top 10 Moments: The Bourne Supremacy

Top 10 Moments: The Bourne Supremacy

Picking up not long after where The Bourne Identity left off, we see that Jason Bourne is still struggling to find answers to his past. It would also appear that the Treadstone project still hasn’t been totally swept under the rug either. Focusing much more on action in this movie, it’s pretty up tempo in comparison to its predecessor.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from The Bourne Supremacy.

10. Failed Operation

An introduction to some of the new characters in the sequel, including Karl Urban.

9. Bourne Escapes

As soon as the Agent sits on the table and tells Bourne “you’re going to play ball” – we know it’s about to go down and this guy clearly has no idea who he’s dealing with.

8. Cover Blown

It was a surprising move to have Marie die so early in the story. She was such an important piece in the first film, and brought a lot of emotion to both the movie and Bourne. As a result of her absence, this movie seemed to be devoid of any heart and felt very linear and grey. Which perhaps was the point?

7. Agent vs. Agent

At one point its magazine vs. knife.

Anyone else recognize Bourne’s foe as the villain from xXx? Did anyone watch xXx for that matter?

6. Pamela Landy Trace

Sometimes Bourne’s cleverness is just too good. Using the hotel staff at the front desk to unknowingly provide him with the room Landy is staying in was a great move. The “working” montage with Landy giving the cliche pep talks was pretty weak, but Bourne watching her from an adjacent rooftop while they were on the phone was very effective.

5. Abbott Red-Handed

Everything finally catches up to Abbott – including Bourne. Bryan Cox once again does a great job playing the part, keeping the audience off-balance this time around as to his intentions.

4. Bourne Eludes the Authorities

Jason Bourne – master escape artist when it comes to outrunning and outsmarting the authorities. Lucky timing on that ship passing under the bridge.

3. No Going Back

This was a big surprise. Danny Zorn had been so helpful and loyal to the Treadstone project in The Bourne Identity, and seemed to be Abbott’s only supporter during Supremacy. Not knowing Abbott’s full story at this point, this scene certainly seemed like he had chosen a path and was going all in.

2. The Truth

You can’t help but feel for the young girl. On one hand she gets some clarity as to what really happened to her parents – on the other hand the person responsible just walked out of her apartment with not much more besides an apology.

1. Car Chase

Jason Bourne driving inferior cars compared to his pursuers seems to be his thing. The beating that taxi cab takes seems pretty unlikely, and yet it kept on going. How about Bourne performing first aid on himself WHILE driving??

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