Top 10 Moments: The Bourne Ultimatum

Top 10 Moments: The Bourne Ultimatum

“The Bourne Ultimatum” was (or what we thought was) the final installment in the Bourne series.

We had followed this character since he woke up floating in the ocean with amnesia all the way to this point, and now we were finally going to get some answers. What seemed to happen over the course of the three movies though was Jason Bourne slowly went from a compassionate, understanding and vocal character to essentially a mute with very little to say and all action. None more evident than in “Ultimatum”. It seemed as if he had half the dialogue he had in the first movie, and perhaps that’s because he was mostly working alone. (Nicky takes the place of Marie (in almost literal fashion at times, with a few moments mimicking scenes from “Identity“) however Bourne doesn’t have the same feelings for her as he did for Marie.)

Here are The Top 10 Moments from “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

10. Training Wing

Not exactly the payoff we had been waiting three movies for, but it was interesting to see none-the-less. Maybe if Doctor Hirsch didn’t talk……….so………slowly……….it……..might………have………been……..


…..a different story.

9. Source Apartment

It was a very smart trick using a flashlight on a fan to simulate movement in another room. (Although if the guys had taken a little time to watch, I’m sure they would have recognized a pattern.) Oh look! Nicky is back.

8. Hand-to-hand Combat

Once again another fight scene cut so quickly its almost too hard to follow what’s going on. Bourne is definitely the master of close quarters combat.

7. Office Conversation

Bourne strikes again with another unique location to place a phone call, this time the very office of the man he is talking to on the other end of the line. Smart way to gain access to a safe that is voice protected. We won’t linger on trying to figure out how the heck he got into a high official’s office in a government building without security clearance.

6. Scooter Bomb

Nice use of diversion by Desh!

5. Asset Green Light

Hey, sweet flip phone! Great use of the Venetian billboard to take the shot from.

4. Waterloo Station

It’s a wonder how Bourne managed to keep the reporter safe as long as he did with all the surveillance teams in the area. How does one concentrate and coordinate all those things at once on the fly??

3. “Yet to be found”

That look from Nicky and the hard start to the music for the end credits makes this moment as high as it is.

2. Reverse Off Roof/Cop Car Chase

How does Bourne survive backing a car up off a roof in well enough shape to steal a cop car? How does Bourne manage to get into an accident afterwards and still be able to walk away with minor bruises? Jason may not have any memory of who he really is, but he HAS to be experiencing some déjà vu after yet another extended car chase.

1. Follow & Chase On Foot

Another exciting chase sequence, this time taking place on foot. It’s anyone’s guess how Bourne can keep track of who he’s pursuing in all those buildings. The camera shot following behind Jason jumping from window to window is THE shot of the movie.

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