Top 10 Moments: The Expendables 3

Top 10 Moments: The Expendables 3

After The Expendables and The Expendables 2…it was a given that this was going to be a trilogy. Question was, who else could they get to bring to the franchise?

Well you’ve got some obvious choices in Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes and even Harrison Ford to replace the departed Bruce Willis. But then you have some different choices in Antonio Banderas and Kelsey Grammar. Bring in a bunch of newbies including Ronda Rousey (her horrible acting notwithstanding) and you’ve got yourself a cast!

Meeting a former member of the team who is now a villain isn’t a bad story. Bringing in newcomers to replace the old gang seemed to be in contradiction to the point of these movies, but it turned out to be a fun ride regardless.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from The Expendables 3.

10. Old School vs New School

These new kids were annoying and taking time away from the characters we REALLY wanted to see, but it was a fun moment to have these two groups come together and cut each other up.

9. Banderas Makes an Entrance

It’s a shame Antonio Banderas had to play the role of the little guy who is way too eager to prove his worth. Anyone who has seen Desperado knows that he can bring the heat if he needs to. Nevertheless, Banderas brought some humor to the movie and was good for some laughs.

8. Barney!

It doesn’t get too much more classic Sly than a slow motion running scene. Having that entire crew in the chopper was fitting for the end of the movie. Arnold’s thumbs up at the back of the pack is fantastic!

7. Stonebanks Intro In Somalia

Well, well, well. Our first look at the villain in Mr. Mel Gibson. I’m sure this was a part he enjoyed, and he plays it well. Terry Crews gets limited time in this flic, so it’s nice to see him “mow the lawn” with the mini-gun.

6. Escaping The Docks

Just some good old fashioned drivin’ and shootin’. The fellas’ overtake of the truck was pretty darned efficient. Anyone else notice when Crews delivers his line he forgot to bring the walkie-talkie up to his mouth until AFTER he spoke? Some solid stunt work throughout!

5. Snipes Joins The Crew

The addition of Wesley Snipes to the gang was a great call. Stallone and Snipes had some great on-screen chemistry in Demolition Man, so this just made sense. Snipes’ character line of “tax evasion” is especially humorous since that’s exactly what the actor got caught up in not long before this movie.

4. Barney vs Stonebanks Round 2

It’s time for the inevitable one-on-one fisticuffs between hero and villain. Not as entertaining as the fight between Stallone and Van Damme in Expendables 2, but this one still packed some solid punches.

3. “Art” Deal

Hey, who doesn’t love a good caper scenario complete with the guy in the truck watching everything on monitors and communicating through ear pieces? Robert Davi’s small part was a great nod to the former heavy of many movies past. (License to Kill, Predator 2 come to mind.)

2. Barney vs Stonebanks Round 1

Have to admit, this is probably Gibson’s best scene in the movie. He gets under Barney’s skin, and does it quick. Plus, we also get some history on The Expendables which is interesting.

1. Final Battle

Tanks, choppers, dirt bikes, blades and bullets. It’s basically everything you come to expect from an Expendables movie. The bleak setting was a nice touch too.

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