Top 10 Moments: The Expendables

Top 10 Moments: The Expendables

You have to give Sylvester Stallone some credit.

For years action movie fans everywhere would imagine what it would be like to have their favorite stars combine forces in one movie. And while it may have been about 25 years too late, 2010’s The Expendables had its heart in the right place. While the story may not exaclty win any awards, it’s a treat seeing these giants from the past come together. Packed with testosterone and humor, here are the Top 10 Moments from The Expendables.

10. Toll Road’s Ear Story

While the purpose of this scene is to fill in the uninitiated about Randy Couture’s ears, his delivery is actually pretty solid and good for a laugh or two.

9. Final Hangout

This is basically the only scene the entire gang is together, and it’s nice to actually see Mickey Rourke move around a little. You can never go wrong with a little camaraderie, and they made the right decision in not killing off Lundgren’s character after all. He’s too solid an addition to the crew. Shooting this scene with all of these personalities in the room must have been fun.

8. Eric Roberts

There isn’t really any one scene where he really steals the show, but Eric Roberts puts in a solid performance as the villain. Over-confident, arrogant and demanding, he’s the perfect man to be pulling the strings for Batista from “Dexter”.

7. Lundgren Turns

Dolph Lundgren is one of the surprise highlights of the movie. His scenes often bring humour, most notably when he first meets Roberts and Co. He has some choice words for Steve Austin, as well as Roberts’ other thug. His comment of “Nice bird!” when he first walks in the room regarding a sculpture is gold.

6. Compound Shootout

It’s a scene full of shootouts and explostions. Exactly what we signed up for.

5. Truck Chase

Jet Li’s chance to shine, and his conversation with Stallone before the chase starts is pretty good too. Can you ever go wrong with a car chase? – or in this case, a truck chase?

4. Sly vs. Stone Cold

All that was missing was the Stone Cold Stunner and an “Oh, Hell yeah!” You really get a sense of just how big Steve Austin is – or is it how short Stallone is?

3. Crews Mows ‘Em Down

Besides the shotgun being ridiculously loud and the damage it ensues, the camera shot from down a hallway as bodies go soaring past is perfect.

2. Pier Attack

This was very cool. Having Statham in the nose of the plane popping up and shooting the heck out of that pier, then firing the flare to spark the flames is the stuff action movies are made of.

1. Sly/Willis/Arnold

While very short, probably the pinnacle scene for the 80’s action fan. Great use of humour and referencing some real life situations. It looks like we’ll have to wait even longer to actually see these 3 in action together, but this was a good start.

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