Top 10 Moments: The Fellowship of the Ring

Top 10 Moments: The Fellowship of the Ring

It’s hard to believe that The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring came out over 15 years ago.

But it did, so let’s talk about it. Many thought it wasn’t possible to make something of this scope into a feature film. Technically, they were right. It took three films to tell this tale. Three extremely long films (if we’re talking the Extended Editions – which we are), but it miraculously got done none-the-less. A movie of this scope is chalk full of moments, but luckily we were able to break it down to something more manageable.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

10. Water Creature

So….what was this thing? The Kraken?

Whatever it was it has some great range, and will make anyone watch their step next time they are entering the Mines of Moria.

9. Opening Montage

What a great way to start this journey. With such a rich history and the vast space that is Middle Earth, there really was no other way give the audience all the information they needed to start the movie. Check out Agent Smith with the long hair!

8. Summit

We get to meet the other members of what would eventually become the Fellowship of the Ring. One does not simply watch this scene anymore and not immediately think of Ned Stark when we see Sean Bean. The look on Gandalf’s face when Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor says it all.

7. Building An Army

Oh, what an army. That…THING they are growing that emerges from its casing in the mud is positively gruesome. And awesome.

Also, during that sequence we check in on Gandalf. The way Howard Shore’s brilliant music changes to a lone voice when we see the poor wizard stranded at the top of that tower is beautiful.

6. Horse Race

Damn, Arwen can ride! Those cuts in and around the trees in the forest were SHARP. Nice use of the river to stop her pursuers. Smart move, Arwen.

5. Get Off The Road!

The Ring Wraiths are just so good. Dark, mysterious and imposing. The shrieking sound they make is fantastic. How NONE of the Hobbits made a sound while there were a millions bugs crawling at their feet is amazing. One has to assume that since they are dead, the Ring Wraiths have no sense of smell because if they did you have to think the little guys were toast.

4. Troll Fight

Yeah, the Troll is a big CGI effect, but it’s convincing enough that you can go with it and enjoy the battle for what it is. Legolas showing no fear jumping up there and going with the DIRECT head shot! Have to admit, the way some of the Hobbits were getting tossed to the floor, you wouldn’t think they could get up after that.

3. Prancing Pony

A great sequence. We meet Aragorn, Frodo miraculously catches the Ring on his finger as it falls in mid-air, and the Ring Wraiths are on the hunt. Even though we kinda know there’s no way the Wraiths shred the Hobbits in their sleep, the way that scene is cut together still does a great job of ratcheting up the tension.

2. Final Battle

So many great small moments taking place within this battle scene. The leader of the baddies, Lurtz, looks fantastic when he’s all painted and armored up. Aragorn is a master with his sword, Gimli is reckless with that axe and Legolas has the quickest reload time with a bow and arrow ever. After going astray, Boromir redeems himself with great honor, and his final moments with Aragorn are touching.

1. You Shall Not Pass!

Possibly the most recognizable moment of the entire trilogy.

The battle against the Balrog comes to a head on the bridge, and Gandalf is determined to take a stand and help his friends escape. It’s an extremely powerful moment, and shows what the wizard is willing to sacrifice to get The Ring to Mordor.

(The Balrog though….fantastic looking creature.)

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