Top 10 Moments: The Return of the King

Top 10 Moments: The Return of the King

Winner of 11 Academy Awards back in 2004 (including Best Picture and Director), The Return of the King was the final act in the trilogy of movies that made up┬áThe Lord of the Rings. It had so many threads, characters and storylines to wrap up – and boy, did it deliver.

Many people may remember this movie as the one that never ended, as it gave us about 6 different endings before the credits finally rolled. But don’t be fooled: there were many incredible moments throughout this film.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from The Return of the King.

10. Saruman’s Death

Your time was up, Saruman. Admit it. Granted, like everyone else I’m sure you had no idea your downfall would be thanks to a bunch of walking and talking trees but….it happened. And what a way to go.

9. I Am No Man

Sometimes all it takes to accomplish something is to take a phrase that states it can’t be done literally. A great moment for Eowyn. (How cool was her opponent though?? The mask, his weaponry…quite a sight.)

8. What Say You?

Anything that involves the undead and characters that are made of skeletons are probably going to make a top moments list.

It’s one heck of a favor that Aragorn calls in, but hey, he was owed it. The highlight of this scene is when our trio of heroes try and make their escape from the mountain and are absolutely pummeled by an endless amount of skulls falling like water from a broken dam.

7. Gandalf Takes Command

SO glad someone finally shut up Denethor! A truly terrible character, played perfectly by John Noble.

6. Rohan Reinforcements

Another reinforcements scene in Lord of the Rings; another swell of relief and excitement. Quite the speech Theoden gives to his troops beforehand. Have to think that the guys in the back had absolutely no idea what was going on or what was being said.

5. Battle At Minas Tirith

Several great moments from the battle at Minas Tirith. They had to one-up Helm’s Deep, and this certainly qualifies.

4. Light the Beacon!

Not the most action packed sequence of the movie, but one of the more emotional ones thanks to Howard Shore’s fantastic orchestral score. Word had to get out, and is spread quickly. For some of those more remote beacon locations, it must have been tough being one of the lookouts and staying interested day in and day out. Have to think those beacons aren’t lit very often, so it must take a heckuva lot of dedication and concentration to keep your eyes fixed on the horizon for weeks (years?) on-end watching for a signal!

3. Suicide Run

Another extremely powerful moment in the movie, thanks to the music. This time it’s provided by Pippin as he’s forced to sing the heart-less Denethor a song while Faramir rides to what would appear to be his death. The futility of it all, mixed with the close ups of the Steward’s mouth as he scarfs down his meal is perfect.

2. Spider Fight

This whole sequence is just…unnerving. Disgusting. Tense.

Especially if you aren’t a fan of spiders.

Dare you imagine putting yourself in Frodo or Sam’s shoes? Running into a spider on the street that is the size of a dump truck – and having to fight it, no less?? She is so utterly realistic and convincing, which is both fantastic and horrifying at the same time.

1. For Frodo

This is it. It’s all come down to this. That willingness to do whatever it takes to help Frodo get that ring to the fire. Even if Aragorn and Co. are severely outnumbered and are facing death right in the face. The will, the drive…it’s all so freaking honorable. And that doesn’t pertain just to Men, Elves and Dwarfs either. Even the halflings Merry and Pippin were ready to go out fighting and possibly die for the cause.

For Frodo!

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