Top 10 Moments – The Terminator

Top 10 Moments – The Terminator

As an Arnold fan, The Terminator ranks right up there as one of my favorites. It’s a rare opportunity to see Schwarzenegger as the villain, unless you want to count Mr. Freeeeeeeeeeze.

I’m not.

Brad Fiedel’s score, the wardrobe, the cars… having it take place in the early 80’s is a bonus. I remember being on the edge of my seat exhausted from the suspense after watching it the first time.  And yet, wanting to start it again immediately. T2: Judgement Day gets a lot of attention, but here are the top 10 moments of what’s become a classic.

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10. Arrival

When you think about it, it kinda makes sense they can’t wear clothes when they go back in time? I guess? Maybe not… Either way it’s a pretty unique way to have people arrive from the future.

9. Factory Pursuit

You may find the effects/stop-motion animation a little cheesy, but come on, its 1984 on a B-movie budget. The Terminator stripped down to the metal still looks pretty menacing. When Sarah Connor FINALLY gets the better of that thing, you’re just as relieved as she is it’s finally over.

8. Punks

How about the guts on that young Bill Paxton? Trying to take on AH-NOLD, he clearly didn’t learn his lesson since he came back for more several years later in True Lies. (Also directed by James Cameron) Love the wardrobe these guys are sporting, and yes X-Philes, that is the shape-shifting bounty hunter also trying to intimidate Schwarzenegger. Didn’t work.

7. Reese Interrogation

Yeah, Reese’s story is hard to buy, but how can you think someone is lying when he gets as intense and worked up as he does? A story like that’s GOTTA be true!

6. Self-repair

Finally getting a look at that endoskeleton under human tissue is pretty cool, and the effects work is solid for it’s time. Using a box cutter to remove an eyeball is…pretty nasty.

5. Garage Shutdown Chase

This chase is brief but exciting, complete with the old school approach of speeding up the film to make the cars look like they are going faster on one occasion. Arnie with no eyebrows only makes it better. The look on The Terminator’s face when he first recognizes Reese and the car in the garage is fantastic. He’s dialed in.

4. Tanker Chase

Yes, another chase scene. That is kind of the theme of the movie. This one is pretty solid too as it’s quite intimidating looking over your shoulder and seeing a tanker truck relentlessly barreling down on you.  Especially when it’s driven by a human looking machine missing an eye whose sole purpose for existence is to end your life.

3. F*ck You, A$$hole!

How many times do you laugh watching The Terminator? Not exactly a comedy. Schwarzenegger has so few lines in this movie it’s a rare pleasure the few times he actually speaks.

2. Tech Noir Shootout

The slow-mo of Sarah ducking down to pick something up off the floor at the EXACT moment The Terminator looks over in her direction? Outstanding. Mix in some solid 80’s tunes (and dance moves) and oh…it’s a scene, man.

1. I’ll Be Back

Was there any doubt? Yes, it lasts about 3.5 seconds, but it is quite possibly THE quote (and there have been a lot) that Arnold will always be known for.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with your countdown. Another classic Ah-nold movie I’d love to see a countdown on is Commando!

    Great site…keep it rollin’!

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