Top 10 Moments: The Two Towers

Top 10 Moments: The Two Towers

The middle installment in the epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Two Towers picks up right where Fellowship left off, and continues to take us on this great journey.

Our “Merry” (pun intended) little band of Ring-bearers and protectors have been split up, and we follow them as each group encounters new sets of obstacles. We’re also introduced to many new characters, and Howard Shore’s magnificent score continues to shine. Perhaps not getting as much recognition as it’s predecessor (and it’s successor in Return of the King), The Two Towers is still a vital part of the story and contains many outstanding moments.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

10. Tree Meeting

It’s…’s a bunch of trees meeting to have a discussion about what to do. Outside of how ridiculous this sounds, it’s also funny just how incredibly slow these trees are at doing anything (which they fully embrace), much to the consternation of Merry and Pip.

9. Warg Battle

While it never seemed that Aragorn was really in any danger of not surviving this attack, the action was fast paced and those creatures the orc’s are riding certainly are imposing. Imagine having one of those as a pet and riding it around?

8. Gondor Brothers

Hey, any time we can get more Sean Bean on the screen, the better. It’s nice to see the kind of relationship the brothers had with each other, and that their father’s brutal hatred for Faramir disgusted Boromir just like the rest of us.

7. Orcs vs. Orcs

Never too surprising how quick the minions from Mordor like to turn on each other. Merry and Pippin are in a bit of a bind here, and frankly – get lucky. Have you ever gotten to the point of disdain and hunger where you’re willing to EAT someone else? And out of that ENTIRE group of Orc’s, not a single one happened to notice the two Hobbits making a break for it? Talk about blood lust!

6. Gollum vs. Smeagol

So far he’s been a bit of a thorn in our side, but here we really see what is up with Gollum….slash Smeagol.

The way Peter Jackson chose to convey his dueling personalities was clever, and Andy Serkis does a great job with the wide range of characteristics and emotions he has to put into this disturbed little creature. The slow push in on Gollum is great. “MUR-dererrrrr….”

5. King’s Release From Evil

A liberating moment, both for the audience and the King. You could tell right away he was under the thumb of the evil Brad Dourif (a fantastic actor who could play the dark and disturbed extremely well), and it was nice to finally see Theoden break free.

4. Release the Dam!

The trees making a difference in the battle! This is one for the good guys. My eye always goes to the one tree who is on fire and uses the flowing water to put himself out.

3. Gandalf’s Return

Definitely one of the biggest losses in The Fellowship of the Ring is when Gandalf took that tumble while fighting the Balrog.

It was a sneaky way of revealing the return of Gandalf, as they purposely mixed the sound of his voice with Saruman’s voice, deliberately confusing us as to who exactly Aragorn was speaking with. Once the bright white light toned down and we got the Gandalf reveal, there was a nice feeling of relief and excitement that the forces of good were getting a key member back.

2. Look To The East

Has there ever been a time in a movie when the arrival of reinforcements wasn’t an exciting moment?

1. Battle at Helms Deep

A battle of this size and duration had several different moments, but in this case we’re looking at the entire encounter as a whole. Being the second movie of three, The Two Towers had to top the battle sequence in Fellowship, and boy, did it ever. The friendly rivalry between Legolas and Gimli, the help from the Elves, the suicide run by one of the baddies to take down the wall – these were all elements that made this entire fight an exciting one.

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