Top 10 Moments: Under Siege

Top 10 Moments: Under Siege

This was arguably the best it ever got (critically) for Steven Seagal. After working his way into the action-movie landscape, Under Siege busted out and was a pretty entertaining ride! If you’re down with the soft-speaking hero, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one.

Here are the Top 10 Moments from Under Siege.

10. Get My Pies Outta The Oven!

There is just something very humorous about how concerned this man is about his pastries. Perhaps the fact that he is a (fictional) Navy Seal and (in reality) a 7th dan Black belt in Aikido has something to do with it. Let’s hear it for being passionate and taking pride in whatever it is you do!

9. Casey Cornered

Not exactly a total surprise…but nice to see Tate step up! (Wouldn’t getting hit by one of those hooks be a little more crippling than it ended up being?)

8. Busey In Drag

There isn’t really much that needs to be said here, as this almost seems par for the course when it comes to Gary Busey.

7. Strannix Loses It

Tommy Lee Jones walks an interesting line with this performance. Most of the time his character for Strannix is extremely over-the-top. But then there are other times when he seems more calm and approachable and as a result: believable. This instance is an example of the former.

6. Striking An Officer

Krill was just asking for it, there’s no doubt about it. Couldn’t have bait Ryback any better.

5. Fridge Break-out

Just Steven Seagal doing what Steven Seagal does…

4. Welcome to the Revolution!

We get to see an example of the Missouri’s firepower as it takes out the unsuspecting jet. Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” sneaking into the end of the scene is perfect. (Check out Star Trek’s Chief O’Brien enjoying as nice tall glass of bubbly off the top! Who would have thought he could pull off a baddie so well?)

3. Ryback Payback

Phew. Ryback is one efficient killer. No time or movement is wasted when it comes to dispatching these guys. Tate may be annoying at times, but she pulled her weight and saved Ryback perhaps a few more times than he’d like to admit!

2. Ryback vs. Strannix

Finally these two leads come together in hand-to-hand combat. This knife fight doesn’t come off as more than two guys flapping their arms at each other, but the ultimate payoff is worth it. Have to love Seagal’s “concentration” face.

1. It’s Not A Job…It’s An Adventure!

Cue the resistance! Can’t have a good, solid action flic without some good, solid (cheesy) dialogue. Even though Ryback is head and shoulders above his little band and it’s pretty much all him, there is enough assistance from his team to help get the job done.

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