Top 15 Moments: E3 2016

Top 15 Moments: E3 2016

Rise of the Content Creator

Rise of the Content Creator

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50 Amazing Websites For Nerds

Let’s get something straight.  I am not an industry insider, I’m not a content creator and I’m not a video game reporter.  But dammit do I love video games!  For people like me, watching E3 press conferences is one of the rare times we see new games and state of the art technology at the same time as the rest of the world.

In addition to press conferences, we get 24 live streams from the web’s best personalities, insiders and reporters.  All the gameplay demos, trailers and behind the scenes information is accessible and ready to watch.

For a video game fan, there’s no better time to surf YouTube and Twitch than E3.  I had a blast consuming every piece of content I could find.  Below you’ll find 15 huge announcements but I could easily fill up to 50 with all the great games we saw.

As for what’s lacking? I’m a little disappointed in the lack of Mass Effect: Andromeda content…  That was a bummer as Bioware’s game is one of my most anticipated by far.  Still, we did get a new trailer and that’s something?

15. Halo Wars 2

I love the RTS genre of games.  I grew up on the original Warcraft trilogy, Starcraft and Command and Conquer.  Here comes a next gen RTS AND a sequel to a classic game set in the Halo universe.  I hear nothing but good news.  I just wish I had time to take part in the BETA announced at E3.

14. We Happy Few

This game will inevitably get compared to Bioshock. That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because Bioshock is an incredible experience but bad because Bioshock 3 wasn’t announced at this year’s E3.  Thankfully, Microsoft looks like they have a hit on their hands with this trippy and twisted tale.

13. Detroit Become Human

Is it just me or is that a lot of possible outcomes?  I think Detroit: Become Human is a game that will sneak up on the general video game playing public.  They’ve quietly put together a fantastic and intriguing pre-release campaign with amazing trailers.  Still no word on when this game will drop but maybe Holiday 2017?  Maybe?

12.Ghost Call of Battlefield Recon

In terms of shooters, it was Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare vs Battlefield 1 vs Ghost Recon: Wildlands at this year’s E3.  CoD and Battlefield have an obvious edge when it comes to multiplayer but I’ve always preferred robust single player campaigns.  We got glimpses of all three during E3 and for me, Ghost Recon narrowly edged out Infinite Warfare’s space battles with tactical action.  Still, you can’t discount the originality of Battlefield 1’s World War I setting.  Truthfully, they are all close and I can’t wait to play all three.

10. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Resident Evil has returned like you’ve never seen it before!  In first person AND VR!  You don’t have to play the game in VR but experiencing a game like Resident Evil in virtual reality is the real draw here.  Also, I would like to congratulate the marketing mind who spotted the VII in EVIL.  It’s a sweet logo.

10. Steep

A brand new IP that gives you a vast and absolutely gorgeous open world where players can ski, snowboard, parachute and glide.  Deep options allows you to record your greatest stunts and share them with the world.  At the E3 reveal, we saw incredible camera controls complete with slow motion so you can capture incredible moments.

The game looks like a ton of fun.

9. The Last Guardian

Will The Last Guardian live up to the hype?  It’s an unfair question to ask given the mysterious development process that took nearly a decade to complete.  This game was announced during the PS2 era!  Still, I couldn’t help but smile when the October 25th, 2016 release date appeared during Sony’s conference.  It was met with thunderous applause and, most likely, a huge sigh of relief from the artists who created the game.

8. Gears of War 4

I’ll be honest with you, the Gears of War 4 demo Microsoft showed off during its press conference was a tad underwhelming…  Until Marcus Phoenix showed up in the sizzle reel!  It’s hard to believe we are just months away from a brand new Gears game!  I’m currently in the process of completing the original Gears Ultimate Edition on Insane difficulty…  I’m getting my ass kicked and I’m happy about it.

7. Spider-Man

Insomniac games finally revealed their vision of Spider-Man when the trailer debuted during Sony’s press conference.  It was technically the final reveal of their show if you don’t count the Days Gone extended demo.

The game looks incredible and I have high hopes that Insomniac’s take on the Wall Crawler will kick start a series of brilliant Marvel games.  Much like Iron Man did for the Marvel’s extraordinarily successful Cinematic Universe.

6. God of War

God of War is back and a lot has changed.  The demo gave us our first look at Kratos and a glimpse of his relationship with his son.  The combat has been updated and the overall style is a welcomed mix of Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Last of Us.  The game will also feature elements from Norse mythology.  Welcome back God of War!

5. Days Gone

Days Gone looks like The Walking Dead had a threesome with Sons of Anarchy and World War Z.  It’s a brilliant looking game with literally hordes of fast moving ‘zombies’.  According to Kinda Funny’s Colin Moriarty, the ‘zombies’ aren’t actually zombies which makes the storytelling in Days Gone that much more intriguing.

4. Horizon: Zero Dawn

It’s a shame this game was delayed until early 2017.  Playstation fans have been salivating for years to get their hands on this original IP from Guerrilla Games.  Based on early reactions, the makers of Killzone already have a game of the year candidate on their hands.

Everything about this world is fascinating and this year’s E3 demo further solidified Horizon: Zero Dawn as a must play when it arrives.

3. The XBOX Console Family

For months, rumors have swirled about a mid-generation console upgrade.  The catalyst to all this is the impending arrival of VR in homes around the world.  Sony will release their VR headset this October and they were rumored to unveil a more powerful PS4 codenamed ‘Neo’ at E3.

A few days before E3 began, Sony backed off and announced that the ‘Neo’ would not be a part of their E3 presentation.  (They still crushed it regardless though.)  Could it be because Microsoft was about to announce a much more powerful upgrade of their own?

Project Scorpio is touted to be the most powerful console ever built.  Complete with stunning 4K graphics and VR ready processing.  Given the company’s history with Oculus, it’s widely speculated that the new XBOX will be compatible with Oculus headsets when it launches.

That’s not the only console announcement Microsoft made.  They also announced XBOX ONE S.  A slimmer version that can play 4K video and produce HDR graphics in game.

Now…  I literally just bought my XBOX One in January so I’m a little frustrated.  Microsoft just announced two WAY BETTER systems than the one I just bought.  They were also very careful to insist that ‘no one’ gets left behind.  All games and peripherals will function on all of their consoles.  This big moment makes the top of my list because it’s a game changer.  Microsoft has worked hard to remove the barriers between their XBOX and Windows products.  Now that cross-buy/platform features have arrived, consoles can now ‘keep up’ with the ever upgrading PC world…

As a fan of the industry in general, I’m interested to see what happens next.  Your move Sony…

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo has been in rough shape since the launch of the Wii U.  The console is home to many fun games but Nintendo had no choice but to go all in on an all new console.  Thankfully, those who purchased the Wii U won’t get left behind when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is released in 2017.

The Big N finally revealed gameplay at this year’s E3 and the game looks gorgeous.  It features all new mechanics and systems including hunting and gathering food.  Of course, the majority of the game’s focus is on open world exploration.  For the first time, the Zelda franchise features a massive open world populated by enemies, puzzles, secrets and more.  The world of Hyrule is reportedly 12 times the size of the world we explored in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Is this the start of a grand momentum shift for Nintendo?  This new Zelda game will also launch of their mysterious new console next year.

1. Death Stranding

To say that legendary game creator Hideo Kojima had it rough at Konami would be an understatement.  However, we may never know what went wrong in that divorce.  What we do know is the artist signed an exclusive deal with Sony.  I’m no industry insider but I thought we would have to wait until AT LEAST next year’s E3 to see Kojima’s new game.  That’s probably why I’m not an industry insider.

Like a conquering hero, the father of Metal Gear Solid arrived on Sony’s stage to reveal Death Stranding.  A new game starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.  The trailer is absolutely bonkers and nearly impossible to interpret but somehow, it’s amazing regardless.  The only issue is we most likely have to wait years to play this new IP!

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