Top 5 Episodes: LOST – Season 4

Top 5 Episodes: LOST – Season 4

Perhaps the last season of LOST that had mostly everyone since the beginning still watching.

Things were still (sort of) in the realm of possibility for the majority of the season. We had some new characters on the island – some better and more useful than others. There was this mysterious freighter (apparently) off the coast of the island, with some MAJOR weird things occurring on the ship. (Famed stunt woman Zoe Bell playing a character that wraps herself in chains and walks right off the boat into the water below??) There was the immediate threat of the men working for Mr. Widmore carrying all the weaponry, and oh yes – the return of Michael!

Yes, it was all still going on in this season.

Since the episode count dropped to 14, here are the Top 5 Episodes of LOST – Season 4.

5. Confirmed Dead

It certainly feels like there are much bigger things at stake than rescuing our heroes and getting off the island.

We’re introduced to four more characters who apparently choppered in from a boat that is not far off the coast of the island. Through a series of flashbacks (as well as one from the now dead Naomi), it seems like their true mission is to capture Ben, of all people. Naturally, due to Ben’s constant resourcefulness he has an inside man on their boat keeping him informed.

Who could possibly stage and entire airplane wreckage under water, and why?

(Any “Fringe” fans out there? Always cool to see Broyles)

4. Meet Kevin Johnson

Poor Michael. He has probably had one of the toughest times of anyone on the show.

Yes – Michael! After a fantastic reveal at the end of “Ji Yeon” (despite his name being in the credits since the start of the season – odd) Michael is back. We get caught up on what he’s been doing this whole time. It’s amazing how something as simple as a haircut can change a character’s entire image. Looks like we also finally find out why Kate wasn’t Tom’s “type”.

Layers continue to stack on this show and Michael’s appearance just goes to show: you never know who can show up. Great to have him back.

3. The Constant

What is the craziest thing you’ve said to someone to get their phone number?

This episode basically boils down to Desmond needing to call Penny from the boat. The whole flying in the helicopter on a precise heading, meeting some rather hostile men on the boat and oh yeah – the time travelling consciousness – is just a means to that end.

When the call finally is made, it’s a very touching exchange between Desmond & Penny and shows what the power of love can do. How convenient that Desmond had the time off from the army when he did to go find Penny? Seeing a reference to the Black Rock back in 1996 was interesting.

2. The Shape Of Things To Come

A good title, as this episode definitely lays the groundwork and tone for the rest of the season.

The doctor from the ship washes up on shore, dead, even though we see him alive and well on the ship. Ben, Locke and Sawyer take up arms against the mercenaries who have come to the island for Ben. Unfortunately for Alex they are taking no prisoners, something they proved quite convincingly. Sawyer has become quite the hero recently, as his concern for himself has been turned outwards in caring more for the others around him, in this case Claire.  This season has become quite militarized as gun-play has definitely increased, and will continue to do so. After quite a hiatus it was cool to see the Smoke Monster again, even though there are still many questions about it, especially since it seems it was “activated” by Ben this time around. In a familiar gag, a scene starts with Hurley, Locke and Sawyer seemingly discussing some VERY serious tactical plans, all in the forms of close-ups, before its revealed they are playing the board game Risk. Nice.

Oh yeah….just HOW did Ben end up in the desert in Tunisia in a Dharma coat??

1. There’s No Place Like Home

It sure didn’t seem like there was no place like home, based on how our characters were acting all season in the flash forwards, and especially their rather lackluster reactions when some of them were rescued by Penny. True, they are all collectively lying to the world about what happened, and that’s got to be one heck of a burden.

The finale was action packed, a lot of pieces have been moved around, and it will put the viewer to the test. If you can accept just how much reality is bent (more so than we’ve been watching for 4 years), then you’re in for more. If you can’t, this might be where you get off this ride and call it a day, like our friend Darren.

Sawyer continues to “up” his good-guy status with his sacrifice, Ben has now become a character we sympathize with, and Michael seems to finally be free. Yunjin Kim’s performance as she reacted to the boat & Jin was spot on; it would have been impossible to react any other way. We also get an answer to a question asked a full season ago – who’s funeral was it and who was in the coffin?? There is still so much to do…bring on season five!

(…although don’t stay tuned for any Top Episode countdowns from Season 5 or 6. By that time the show had definitely started to fall off, if not from pure confusion more than anything else. It’s a shame. Those early seasons though….phew. What a show.)

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