Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #1 Spock

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #1 Spock

Was there any doubt?

The half human, half Vulcan science officer on board the Enterprise is the ultimate Star Trek character. He is the first person one thinks about when Star Trek is mentioned.

Serving as Captain Kirk’s first officer, Mr. Spock provided the logical side to the trinity of characters that included the highly emotional Dr. McCoy. It was the frequent butting of heads between Spock and McCoy that was often a highlight of many episodes, with Spock often having the last word – resulting in an even more emotional Bones.

Spock’s struggle with his human side gave the show the ability to comment on the human condition, as seen from an outsider. It wouldn’t be until many years later that would he learn to accept his human side, but in the meantime he would try and keep it in check as much as possible (with the occasional slip-up here and there).

If there was one thing that could never be questioned, it was Spock’s loyalty to his ship and his crew, especially Captain Kirk. Kirk would ultimately become his best friend and confidant, and the one person he could trust the most. They would make a great team throughout their career.

It is probably safe to say that without the character of Spock, Star Trek would not have gotten off the ground back in the late 1960’s, nor would it have spawned all the other spin-offs that followed and endured for fifty years.

Live long and prosper, Mr Spock.

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