Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #10 The Doctor

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #10 The Doctor

We’re in to the Top 10!

It’s pretty obvious what function The Doctor had on board Voyager. What wasn’t obvious from the beginning was how someone who is a hologram and isn’t even flesh and blood would go on to be one of the most “human” characters on the show.

It was a rough start for the Doc; he was rather rigid, had no bedside manner and could be downright rude at times. Slowly though, he started to lighten up and would become extremely compelling and fun to watch. He would fight for (and obtain) more and more rights as an individual, no longer just being treated as an object that could be shut down as easy as turning off a light.

With interests in art, photography and opera he would become a much more rounded individual, and would even experience love (albeit unrequited) for Seven of Nine. The Doc was also a great source of humor, and it’s no wonder he was one of the most popular characters on Voyager. Here’s to you, Doctor!

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