Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #11 Garak

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #11 Garak

Garak….you never knew what exactly he was up to. Or if you could believe anything he said.

A fantastically enigmatic character, Garak was apparently a former high ranking member of the Cardassian secret service, The Obsidian Order, before being exiled on Deep Space Nine after the Cardassian Occupation came to an end. He found that like any other skill, lying took practice to maintain a level of excellence at it. As a result many people were never quite sure which stories he told were true, and which ones were lies. Dr. Bashir would become especially close to him over the years, as they often enjoyed sharing lunch together and discussing literature.

While his character started out rather minor, he would grow in appeal and importance over the years to become one of the best re-occurring characters the show ever had.

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