Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #14 Kathryn Janeway

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #14 Kathryn Janeway

Captain of the starship Voyager.

Faced with an impossible decision, Captain Janeway chose to strand her crew 70 years from home rather than send an entire race to their demise just to get back to the Alpha Quadrant in a jiffy. During the incredible journey back to Earth, Janeway dealt with numerous threats, scientific phenomena and of course: The Borg. As much as Captain Picard was known to the evil cyborgs, Captain Janeway must have proved to be an even bigger thorn in their side. One of the Borg Queen’s biggest pet peeves: the fact that Janeway was able to bring a drone BACK to humanity, that of course being Seven of Nine.

Captain Janeway had a background in science, was forced to integrate a Maquis crew into her own and most of all: loved coffee.

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