Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #19 Odo

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #19 Odo

Odo was a Constable on Deep Space Nine and in charge of security.

Being a Changeling opened up a lot of possibilities for this character, and he went on to become one of the most fascinating members of the Deep Space Nine crew. He had an adversarial relationship with Quark that eventually grew into mutual respect. Having the ability to shapeshift made Odo the perfect security officer, as he was able to take almost any shape to help capture his suspects.

Odo would end up being one of the most notorious and important Changelings to exist, as he was the first to ever harm another one of his species, and was made into a solid as punishment. On the other hand, a few years later after he got his shapeshifting abilities back he would be the savior to his people as he contained a cure to a debilitating disease that only he carried.

Odo may have been on Deep Space Nine during the Cardassian occupation and was witness to many horrible acts, but it was also on that same station under Federation control that he learned to fall in love. Kira was the object of his affections for many years before he finally made her aware of his feelings. They would go on to have a fulfilling yet short relationship before Odo decided to help cure his people.

Even though it took a few years for his wardrobe and makeup to finally take shape (pun intended), Constable Odo would be a cornerstone of DS9.

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