Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #2 Data

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #2 Data

Data was the science officer on board the Enterprise-D.

A classic science fiction character: the machine who wishes to be man. Data was fully aware of his superior capabilities, but was willing to trade it all to get the concept of humor or love. His quest to pursue and understand humanity was encouraged by all his peers, especially his best friend Geordi LaForge. It was through his experiences the show was able to comment on humanity; not only the mistakes we make, but also the good things about us flesh and blood as well.

Data would take an interest in art, music, and even had a cat named Spot. His career in Starfleet was in jeopardy when an ambitions scientist wanted to disassemble him in order to learn how to produce more. Luckily Captain Picard defended his individuality and prevented this from happening.

A tremendous asset to the crew of the Enterprise-D, Data was a spectacular officer – and person.

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