Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #22 Quark

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #22 Quark

Quark owned and operated a bar on Deep Space Nine.

He was also one of the fist Star Trek characters who’s purpose was (mostly) comic relief and keeping things light. Fortunately, Quark had so much appeal that DS9 really broadened his character and weren’t afraid to truly explore both him and Ferengi culture.

Some of the best lines on Deep Space Nine belonged to Quark. He was close to Jadzia Dax, and was not on Kira’s good side most of the time. Quark’s relationship with Odo was a unique one, and over the course of the series a great mutual respect was developed between the two.

While Quark’s primary goal was always profit, he proved to be a good man in the long run and was a great character to have on the station.

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