Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #24 Miles O’Brien

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #24 Miles O’Brien

Chief O’Brien has had quite the career.

He served on the Enterprise-D first starting out as the helmsman on the Battle Bridge during the crew’s Encounter at Farpoint before becoming one of several transporter chiefs. Even before his tour of duty on the Enterprise, he served under Captain Maxwell on the Rutledge during the Cardassian War. O’Brien’s association with Cardassians would continue later in his career as he became the Chief of Operations on a Cardassian-turned-Federation space station, Deep Space Nine.

O’Brien was also a family man, having met his wife on the Enterprise-D, started a family and had a second child when living on DS9. At first not the biggest fan of Dr. Bashir, they became fast and almost inseparable friends.

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