Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #26 Julian Bashir

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #26 Julian Bashir

Julian Bashir was the Chief Medical Officer on board Deep Space Nine.

Coming in extremely young and inexperienced, Bashir had an arrogance about him that rubbed many the wrong way initially. He was overconfident and cocky. He didn’t do well in hiding his affections for Jadzia Dax, and it always seemed odd that he finished second in his class at Starfleet Medical Academy by messing up what seemed like a rather easy question.

As we would find out, that mistake at the Academy was actually on purpose, to try and hide the fact that he had been subjected to genetic engineering by his parents when he was young and showing trouble in school.

Through his experiences on DS9, Bashir would grow up quickly and come to be a solid, reliable officer and a brilliant doctor. He would form an extremely close friendship with Chief O’Brien, and would finally have the relationship with Dax he always wanted – just not in the form of Jadzia.

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