Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #3 Jean-Luc Picard

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #3 Jean-Luc Picard

One of the finest Captains Starfleet ever produced.

Commanding the flagship of the Federation, Jean-Luc Picard used his wits, experience and supreme diplomatic skills to seek out new life and new civilizations. He had a stellar crew working around him, and even though he could be considered “close” to each of his senior staff, he rarely spent recreation time with them.

One incident Picard is also known for is his capture and assimilation by the Borg turning him into Locutus. He would ultimately be responsible for the death of hundreds of Starfleet personnel while he was under the Borg influence. Commander Sisko for one, was not quick to forgive as it was the battle at Wolf 359 that resulted in his wife’s death.

That would end up being a rare smudge on an otherwise brilliant career. Whether it was assisting Data in discovering his humanity, helping Ambassador Spock’s efforts at reunification or going toe-to-toe with his greatest adversary in the omnipotent Q, Picard set the standard for Starfleet Captains.

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