Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #5 Worf

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #5 Worf

No character in Star Trek has put in more time than Mr. Worf.

Starting off as a minor background lieutenant on the bridge of the Enterprise-D, Worf rose to the position of Security Chief before the first season was out. It would be a position he would hold until the show’s end after 7 seasons. From there, he would join Deep Space Nine in season 4 as Strategic Operations Officer (as well as command the Defiant in Captain Sisko’s absence) and remain at that post before being offered the role of Federation Ambassador at that show’s conclusion.

11 seasons of the first Klingon to serve in Starfleet. That’s quite an arc.

On the Enterprise, Worf was closest with Commander Riker, and both greatly respected and had the respect of Captain Picard. He also had a son, Alexander, that he would try and raise on the ship with the aide of Counselor Troi. He and Troi would become involved briefly, however it wouldn’t last.

On Deep Space Nine, Worf had another commanding officer he greatly respected in Captain Sisko. Dax would become a close friend, and much more as their relationship flourished and turned into marriage. Mr. Worf would also finally acquire a Klingon friend, once General Martok took up a posting on Deep Space Nine during the Dominion War.

One thing that never wavered throughout Worf’s illustrious career was his sense of duty and honor. He may have often been the only one of his kind in any given situation, but he stuck to his Klingon ways and was fiercely proud to do so.

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