Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #50 Neelix

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #50 Neelix

The Star Trek franchise has provided us with 100’s of characters throughout its history. Some were extremely successful and provided inspiration for years to come….others were totally forgettable.

Here, we try and rank the Top 50 Characters that we’ll always remember. Each character is either a regular or semi-regular on their respective shows (with one exception). Criteria was based on how much the character contributed to the Star Trek Universe, general fan reception, and yes…some favoritism on the blogger’s part as well.

50 Years of Trek, 50 Characters – in 50 days!

After seeing the success a humorous character like Quark had on Deep Space Nine, it seemed like the producers wanted to make it mandatory the next show had a character who’s sole purpose was keeping things light while out in deep space.

Enter Neelix.

A local resident of the Delta Quadrant, Voyager brings him on as a cook and eventual morale officer in exchange for his knowledge of the region of space they were stranded in. While the character probably has great appeal to children, he could get tiresome really quickly not only to his shipmates, but the audience as well. This isn’t to say didn’t have his (small collection) of moments over the years, but it should come to no surprise that he kicks things off at number 50.

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