Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #6 Seven of Nine

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #6 Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine was a Borg drone until Captain Janeway disconnected her from The Collective, forcing her to find her humanity again.

Seven IMMEDIATELY joined The Doctor as the most compelling characters on Voyager as soon as she came on the show. Being a former member of Starfleet’s greatest enemy, it was extremely interesting watching her try and adapt (pun intended) to a normal, human life; something she had not been a part of since she was a young girl. As a result, Seven was basically “growing up” again.

She provided a great contrast to the Captain (and much of the crew for that matter) as she was often in disagreement of Starfleet’s methods and way of thinking. When she first became a part of the crew, Harry Kim had a bit of a crush on her, and B’Elanna wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of the former Borg. All through her journey though, Captain Janeway remained in her corner, helping Seven re-discover who she was.

Seven of Nine provided that “outside” perspective on humanity that Star Trek has always had, and in following the steps of Spock, Data and Odo before her, she filled that role with perfection.

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