Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #9 Q

Top 50 Star Trek Characters – #9 Q


This omnipotent being was one of the very first examples of “new life and new civilizations” that the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D encountered on the show, as well as the last, which bookended the series rather nicely.

Utterly compelling and interesting, Q started out as more of a thorn in Picard and the Enterprise’s side than anything, often having very little regard for us insignificant humanoids and our linear way of thinking. He even introduced us to the Borg, which at time seemed like a horrible idea but perhaps it was for the best.

Once Q briefly lost his powers and experienced what it was like to be really human, he started to lighten up a bit. He was more of a fun, humorous character causing mischief than any real threat, which at times is unfortunate, as his dangerous side made him more interesting in a way.

Q wasn’t only limited to The Next Generation; he made an appearance on Deep Space Nine and would also become rather familiar with the crew of Voyager as well. In fact, Q would rely on Captain Janeway in several instances where the Q Continuum was at stake, and she was even tasked once with “babysitting” Q’s troublesome (also omnipotent) son.

If there was one character that was considered just as important as the regulars on The Next Generation, it was Q.

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