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Two Years of Nerd Infinite & Our 10 Favorite Posts!

Two Years of Nerd Infinite & Our 10 Favorite Posts!

This week, Nerd Infinite celebrates its two year anniversary!  Two years of movies, television, video games, technology and more!  A nerdy blend of content focused on the stories we love and the technology we use to consume them.

To mark the occasion, we’ve decided to collect our 10 favorite pages/features here!  If you’ve had a chance to check out the content, thanks for visiting!  If not, we hope these articles give you a sense of our passion for all things Nerd!  Our audience has grown steadily in the last two years and we can’t thank you enough.  Watching the traffic grow is our best source of motivation to create more and better content in year three!

XTRA | Click here to check out all of our Featured content!

The Heroes & Villains of 2017

Our second annual Heroes and Villains column is packed with blockbuster madness!  The 2018 edition is already in the planning stage!  Look for it early in the new year.

XTRA | Heroes and Villains 2016

Building The Base: Custom PC Build Series

2017 marked Jason’s first attempt at building a custom editing/gaming PC.  Follow the entire journey along with inspiring resources from around the web.  You can also watch the build video below!

The Best Episodes of EVERY X-Files Season

We countdown the top 10 episodes from every single season of the X-Files.  Relive the best episodes and weigh in on your favorite moments.

The Best Moments of EVERY Star Wars Movie

The iconic Star Wars saga has never been stronger.  We’ve gone back through every film and found the legendary moments that make Star Wars so special.

25 Amazing eSports Websites

eSports is slowing becoming mainstream programming in the broadcasting world.  But hardcore gaming fans have been watching this content for years!  This list of websites is for you!

The Cinematic Universe

Marvel may have begun the age of the cinematic shared universe but they aren’t alone anymore.  We keep track of every Universe including DCEU, Star Wars, Transformers, Dark Universe and more!

Overdue Game Reviews

Nerd Infinite is home to a ton of gaming content including our review series that looks back on games we miss and games we just can’t quit.

Nerd Infinite Countdowns

Our countdown series features the best moments from your favorite TV shows, movies, video games and more.  It’s an all star lineup of nerdy content!

Star Trek: 50 Years & Beyond

Our own JB continues to build on an already stacked list of Star Trek content including Top 10 Episodes of EVERY season, Top 10 Moments from the movies and the Top 50 Characters of all time!

50 Amazing Websites For Nerds

If you love movies, television, video games and technology, this is the DEFINITIVE list of amazing websites you need to see!

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