Welcome To Nerd Infinite!

Welcome To Nerd Infinite!

Every story. Every screen.

We love movies, television, videos, websites, social media, video games, sports and more because they all have stories to tell.  We are addicted to compelling stories that inspire and entertain.  Today, we can find the stories we love across multiple platforms and different devices simultaneously.  Every Story.  Every Screen.

Welcome To Nerd Infinite! A brand new website dedicated to the stories we love and how we experience them.

Today technology and story have fused to form all new mediums and entirely new ways to consume the entertainment we crave.  We watch movies and television on every screen we own and there are endless options available.  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, On Demand Services and more are always a few clicks or button presses away.  We record multiple TV shows at once and stream movies from our computers to any television we desire.  People have discarded physical media in exchange for cloud based digital collections accessible on any device at any time.  We take our favorites with us!

The way we consume entertainment has evolved as well.  Everything is instant.  News spreads around the world in seconds.  Fans can interact with creators in real time using social media networks.  Consumers are no longer bound by live television.  We can view entire seasons of television in a weekend.  Appointment viewing has never been stronger.  You just don’t need an appointment anymore.  We choose the content.  We choose the time.

Fans are ready to connect. Ready to be inspired.

Being a creator or a fan has never been more fulfilling.  Audiences are fiercely loyal and can directly impact the fate of the productions they love.  So much so that cancelled content can find new homes on different platforms.  Movie productions are crowdfunded by fans who simply want to support the artists they care about.  People are more attached than ever to the stories they adore.  A particular story on any platform can spawn incredible unique communities where fans gather around a common interest.  These communities are home to incredible discussions and artistic expression.

Websites, forums, comments, hashtags, groups and message boards have all become extremely important.  You simply cannot create a new piece of content without preparing a website and community to support it.  An exciting new film or television show airs and if it connects to it’s fans, cell phones, tablets, laptops and more erupt around the world.  Fans don’t want to miss a moment.  We want to be a part of the discussion.  These same fans (and critics) make their own videos, write blog posts and reviews.  They create fan art, screenplays, novels, memes and more.  Today, we engage with our favorite content on extremely personal levels.  As a result, stories that didn’t stand a chance as little as 10 years ago can move forward because the audiences can be found if you know where to look.  Fans are ready to connect.  Ready to be inspired.

Nerd Infinite is about that very passion.  We are filled with anticipation and eagerly await the next big movie, television show, sporting event, viral video, web series, blog post and twitter rant.  At the same time, we experience our all time favorites in new and exciting ways!  We exist because we love stories.

Check out our about page for more including contact information and social media links!  Thanks for visiting!  We don’t really have a catchphrase yet soooooo…

Keep watching… Stuff!

…  Actually that’s not bad.

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