What ‘THE LAST JEDI’ Could Mean For STAR WARS Episode VIII

What ‘THE LAST JEDI’ Could Mean For STAR WARS Episode VIII

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Preview

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Preview

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Who Are Rey's Parents In The Star Wars Universe?

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The reveal of a new Star Wars title always ignites furious debates and endless speculation.  Now that we know the title of Episode VIII, the official marketing campaign has begun and a new STAR WARS movie feels closer than ever.

So what could The Last Jedi truly mean?  If history is any indication, this title could be taken quite literally as evidenced by previous titles in the saga.  The Force Awakens embodied Rey’s journey and discovering her connection to the force.  A New Hope was given a completely new meaning after the events of Rogue One.  It doesn’t get more literal than that.  It doesn’t get more obvious than Attack of the Clones.  You get the idea.

If that’s the case, the real debate is WHO is The Last Jedi?

Luke Skywalker is The Last Jedi…  Rey is The Last Jedi…  Luke AND Rey are The Last Jedi…  It all fits.  We already know that the film focuses on Rey and Luke’s relationship as he teaches her (reluctantly?) the ways of the force.  Luke has been missing for years on his journey to learn more about the origins of the Jedi order.  I hope he found the first Jedi temple and we find him armed with all new knowledge of the force.

Perhaps he discovers a hidden truth we’ve never known about the Jedi that changes everything.  It makes him The Last Jedi but allows him to train Rey as something more.  Something different.

The Force Awakens story structure mirrored that of A New Hope closely.  If that trend continues, expect The Last Jedi to be just as dark as The Empire Strikes Back.  The newly revealed red font in the poster supports that.  Will Luke Skywalker die at the end of The Last Jedi?

Who kills Luke?  Supreme Leader Snoke?  Will Kylo Ren claim another victim from the original trilogy?  Is it more likely that Luke has enough wisdom to become something more in death like Obi Wan?

Before that happens, let’s go over more potential scenarios for The Last Jedi to mirror Empire.  The movie will certainly begin with a battle.  The First Order will be viciously pursuing The Resistance now that Snoke knows of Rey’s existence.  He’ll stop at nothing to find her and Luke.

Meanwhile, I believe Luke and Rey will share a similar relationship that Luke shared with Yoda in Empire.  He’ll be reluctant to train her but slowly he’ll relent and show us all things we never thought possible.

Characters like Finn and Poe need something to do.  Will they fall into a Cloud City like trap?

Something will have to happen to lure Rey and Luke out of hiding.  That’s when two crucial truths will (Read: should?) be revealed.  Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?  Who are Rey’s parents?

It’ll be a shame for Rey to find out Luke is her father (IF he is) right before he dies but this film will be dark.  And if he goes out the way Obi Wan did he’ll be with her still.

The big confrontation will take place when Luke finally faces Ben Solo for the first time.  His former student will play a big part in The Last Jedi.  I love the idea that Kylo Ren will be training in the ways of the dark side with Snoke while Rey learns about the light with Luke.  These parallel journeys will certainly lead to round two between Rey and Kylo Ren.

But where is it all going?  How will The Last Jedi set up the epic conclusion to this trilogy?  What mysteries will we be left to contemplate when the credits roll?

One thing is for sure, now that the title has been revealed, we won’t have to wait long until a teaser trailer is released.  Disney/Lucasfilm wanted to avoid promoting Episode VIII while Rogue One dominated theaters.  It’s a smart way to allow Gareth Edwards’ brilliant prequel/sequel to exist on its own.  Now that Rogue One’s theatrical release is winding down, we can all focus on what’s to come.

When will we see the first trailer?  Producer Kathleen Kennedy has already stated we will see the spot this Spring.  Hopefully that means early Spring.  The one thing we know for sure is the trailer will break the internet.

What do you think will happen in The Last Jedi?

Let the speculation continue!

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