Why A Ben Affleck Batman Movie Set In Arkham Would Be Awesome!

Why A Ben Affleck Batman Movie Set In Arkham Would Be Awesome!

There’s a potentially game changing rumor circulating about Ben Affleck’s inevitable solo Batman movie.  The rumor specifically concerns where the film will (read: could) take place.  And what location could set the web on fire?

Arkham Asylum!

One of the most famous and dangerous locations in all of Gotham no doubt houses some of the most iconic villains in DC’s Universe.  Before we get ahead of ourselves picture this:


…  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  Maybe the idea of The Joker setting a trap for Batman to face his worst enemies at once is too good to be true.  I have to remind myself that the world once thought Batman v Superman was too good to be true…

Dawn of Justice may not be a perfect movie but Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman was almost universally praised.  Warner Bros began their cinematic universe with Superman front and center but this is Batman’s world now.  Even Suicide Squad features the caped crusader from the villains point of view.  They’re carefully piecing together a rich history that includes decades of crime fighting, fallen sidekicks and all out war. (And that doesn’t include battling alien deformities!)

Ben Affleck & DC mastermind Geoff Johns are tasked with plotting out what the culmination of that history would look like.  After years in battle, Batman has emerged victorious against some of Gotham’s most legendary foes.  Why not trap The Dark Knight inside an insane asylum with…  ALL OF THEM!

As a video game fan, I can’t help but draw comparisons to Rocksteady’s phenomenal Batman trilogy: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City & Arkham Knight. (I haven’t had the chance to play Arkham Origins which was developed by Warner Bros. Montreal.)


Batman: Arkham Asylum


OVERALL: 8.5/10

In my opinion, this was a game changer in the video games industry.  A brand new take on the comic book genre and a nearly perfect experience.  You are Batman, locked inside Arkham Asylum with The Joker pulling the strings and an arch villain around every corner.  It’s the closest thing to living inside a comic book.  Rocksteady gives you all the tools you need to investigate and fight as Batman.  Wow.

Batman: Arkham City



Arkham City delivered one of the coolest video game sequels of all time with a larger playground for Batman and his adversaries to play in.  Arkham City takes you from the top of the highest skyscraper to the darkest depths of Gotham.  A phenomenal achievement in video game design and storytelling.

Batman: Arkham Knight



Arkham Knight tells a great story about Batman’s struggle to protect his allies from a growing threat around Gotham.  For the first time, you take control of the Batmobile.  Everything I loved about the first two games is here but you are constantly forced into frustrating Batmobile only missions.  It’s a shame because all the other elements in the game were amazing.


The idea that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman adventure could be set inside Arkham Asylum is extremely exciting.  Let the Caped Crusader deal with a night of mayhem as he struggles to keep Gotham’s worst behind bars. Have the movie set during a single night like the games?  Cram as many characters in as you can.

In the past, comic book sequels have suffered from the curse of ‘too many villains’.  Why would an overloaded Arkham Asylum movie work?  Because everything would revolve around The Joker and what his connection to Batman.  The other villains could help move that story forward easily as additional ‘subjects‘ manipulated by the Joker.  At the same time, WB & DC can establish new villains for future films whenever The Joker gives up the spotlight.  Riddler, Scarcrow, Penguin…  The list goes on.  Villains established in Suicide Squad are also primed for inclusion in the Arkham party.  Harley Quinn is an easy pick to appear.  Will Smith’s Deadshot could end up helping Batman along the way for a price.  There really is no limit to the potential cameos and the potential for chaos.

As for the talent behind the scenes? Ben Affleck has already demonstrated an ability to tell a focused and thought provoking story with Argo (Best Picture Winner), Gone Girl, Good Will Hunting (Best Original Screenplay Winner) and more.  He’s also crafted fantastic action sequences highlighted by one of my personal favorites: The Town.  He’s also felt the burn of a failed opportunity like BvS.  The brain trust behind the DCEU can’t repeat those same mistakes again.  Likewise, Suicide Squad seems poised to deliver an original and entertaining film worthy of praise from fans and critics alike.  I believe all upcoming WB/DC films will benefit from the lessons they learned in 2015.

So if Ben and Co. want to get nuts and attempt a Batman movie set in Arkham, I say go for it!  I’m already way beyond the point of overly hyped and the movie doesn’t even exist yet!  Why am I so excited at the possibility of a Batman/Arkham movie?  First, the type of action Zack Snyder established in BvS will only get better.  Second, the story will delve into Batman’s history of fighting crime in Gotham. Last but not least, we will see Batman truly struggle to overcome insurmountable odds.  This movie would move at a blistering pace with relentless action and, with Joker calling the shots, pure insanity.

…  If it ever happens.

[SIDE NOTE: Remember the David Goyer Green Arrow focused project Supermax?]

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