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Why I Can’t Join The Crew Of Star Trek: Discovery

Why I Can’t Join The Crew Of Star Trek: Discovery

So, I did what was fair and watched (sort of) the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery to give it a shot.

I watched the first hour of the premiere in it’s entirety, then ended up fast forwarding through much of the second episode amassing a possible ten minutes of viewing time.

Much like the JJ Star Trek movies….this just isn’t for me.

Yes, perhaps I haven’t given it enough of a chance. But there was enough that bothered me in the premiere that has dissuaded me from continuing. While there were a few nice little homage’s to previous Trek (musical cues and sound effects), there is just too much change in-universe to have me believe this takes place ten years before Captain Kirk.

The Klingons are one of those glaring changes.

I can see altering the look to present something fresh for a new audience, but for me it just went too far. Going from full heads of hair to all being bald, the bizarre outfits they are wearing, and the way they speak their own native tongue. It sounds like they have never spoken their own language before. Each word sounds labored and is the first time the individual is speaking it. This mind as well be a different species all together, and I’m sorry, but how are they going to change from what we see here to the Klingons we see in The Original Series?

Yes! I know that the TOS Klingons aren’t exactly a mastery of make-up. I know that budgets and other constraints in 1960’s television very much limited the appearance of our favorite foes. But you know how they could have got around this?


Whaaaaaaaat is with this constant obsession of making prequels?? Why do we constantly have to go back? What’s wrong with going forward? Are you telling me the bridge from Discovery is going to de-evolve into the bridge we see on Kirk’s Enterprise ten years later?

Star Trek: Discovery went out of it’s way to show off all it’s new technology and gadgetry, and so it should! This is the first time Star Trek has hit the television airwaves in over ten years, let’s show them what we can do! But now you’ve created a ton of in-universe inconsistencies. How do you explain all these new races we’re seeing that we’ve NEVER seen or heard of before in 28 seasons of previous Star Trek? If this show had been set AFTER Star Trek: Voyager, I’d be able to buy all of these things. (Except the redesigned Klingons. Sorry.)

Television is a business. Star Trek makes money in that business. I understand why it is logical (nice) to make a new Star Trek television series, especially with the success of the JJ movies. I also understand there needs to be a certain suspension of disbelief when it comes to making modern day shows that are building on what was first created back in the 1960’s. But for a die hard TOS fan like myself, it just doesn’t work. If this was set in the Kelvin universe, sure. If TOS was removed from the Star Trek timeline and the next thing after Discovery was Star Trek: The Next Generation, maybe. But it’s not.

They are trying to appeal to a new audience, and if they can get some of the old school hardcore fans on board as well, so much the better. I don’t want to constantly sound like a stickler, but this just isn’t my Star Trek anymore.

It’s a new generation of Trek (nice again!), and I wish it the best.

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