Why Seinfeld Is The Greatest Show Ever (To Me)

Why Seinfeld Is The Greatest Show Ever (To Me)

"... On this there can be a no debate."

To quote Papi, “…  On this there can be a no debate.”

Yes, I’m getting old.  Kids who have no idea what Seinfeld is are going to look at me the same way I looked at “old” people when they told me about how funny shows they watched growing up.  Yeah, really old people.  (All In The Family, Mork and Mindy, Happy Days etc…)  I’m sure they were all great when you were discussing them on your rotary telephones. In the era I am calling Pre-Seinfeld or PS, I’m sure there were clever shows, but they weren’t Seinfeld.  You can argue with me all you want, it’s a free country after all, but you’d be wrong.

I rank Seinfeld high because of what it didn’t offer.  A message.  A lesson.  A teachable moment, like life.  They were just a group of people doing stuff that would only benefit them and to hell with everyone else.  Now in real life, I don’t really condone this behavior. I’m routinely frustrated (to the point entire days being ruined) by any situation in which common sense could produce a simple solution, and yet, is not done in that manner.  The only ideas Seinfeld provided were along the lines of this gem…

KRAMER: (Brainstorming) What about the homeless?

NEWMAN: Can’t we worry about them later?

KRAMER: (Explaining) To pull the rickshaw.

NEWMAN: (Pondering Kramer’s plan out loud) They do have an intimate knowledge of the street..

KRAMER: They’re always walkin’ around the city. Why not just strap something to them?!

That’s legit!!

Secondly, I liked it because it lacked emotion.  Pretty much my entire life people have referred to me as a robot, for what they term as a lack of “feelings”.  And thanks to Seinfeld, I found something I could relate to.  It never had that serious moment, the self-realization or personal growth, they stuck with the winning format and rode it to perfection until the very end.

"Wanna get some coffee?"

I tune into shows because I like the characters. I don’t want to see them change.  As long as you keep finding scenarios for them that don’t get stale.  I mean, they were in their mid 30’s, who the hell is changing from who they are at that point in life anyways?  Even when they did have a serious moment, like a death from toxic envelopes, the response turned out to be “wanna get some coffee?”



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