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Why The New ROGUE ONE Trailer Should Be The Last

Why The New ROGUE ONE Trailer Should Be The Last


So the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is amazing.  I loved that director Gareth Edwards wanted to create a war movie within the Star Wars universe.  I think this trailer proves he has achieved that goal.

Rogue One looks like a frantic ground level Star Wars movie with a surprising variety of action.  We get x-wings flying in giant gorges, x-wing attacks at night (in the rain), martial arts, blaster battles, ground forces fighting AT-ATs on beaches…

I love it!

Having said that…  You know what, just watch both trailers and I’ll get back to you–

Star Wars Episode VIII Preview

Star Wars Episode VIII Preview

Let's Talk About Rey's Family In The Star Wars Universe

Let's Talk About Rey's Family In The Star Wars Universe

Between both trailers we get a good sense of the main heroes and villains of the story.  We get a ton of Death Star/Empire Fleet shots.  We get action, drama, strategy, pain and even a little comedy.

We even get our first official reveal of Darth Vader himself!

But here’s the thing…

They steal the plans to the Death Star.  We know this.  There are rumors this film ends 10 minutes before Episode IV begins.  So presumably, Rogue One could end with Bail Organa, (who is confirmed to return with actor Jimmy Smits on board) delivers stolen plans to Princess Leia.  It isn’t long before Darth Vader gives chase and A New Hope begins.

Knowing how the film ‘could’ end doesn’t ruin the film.  Watching these new characters struggle to steal the plans will be amazing I’m sure.  But the general structure of the film is out there.

I’m good!  I don’t need to see anything else! Okay Disney!?

Let’s face it, we are going to get at least one more full length trailer (probably two) in addition to international spots, commercials and featurettes.  Plus exclusive posters, official images and let’s not forget spoilers and leaks.

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s up to me to click play but COME ON! Of course I’m going to hit play! Are you NUTS! It’s Star Wars!!!  I’m going to watch every single video they release.  I can’t wait to see this movie.  I just hope they don’t reveal too much.  It is Star Wars after all.  This may not be a ‘core’ episode but it IS Star Wars.  The marketing takes care of itself to a certain extent.  If they didn’t release a single new trailer from now until December I’d be perfectly okay with it.

XTRA | The Incredible Star Wars marketing machine

What do you think?  I’d like to know as little as possible going into this film but I don’t have the strength to resist future marketing materials…

Sweet, sweeeeeeet Star Wars marketing materials…  Mmmmmmmmmm…

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