Will Aftermath Be Any Good?

Will Aftermath Be Any Good?

The Governator has a new movie coming out this year…

Upon first glace – it looks like it might actually be alright!

Arnold seems to have been taking more serious roles lately (Maggie, Sabotage), and while these films haven’t exactly come out to blazing critical acclaim (Sabotage got ROASTED), it continues a trend that Schwarzenegger has been taking recently; branching out into something a little more than the gun-wielding action hero.

Obviously this makes sense, as the former Governor is pushing 70 years old. What makes this particular upcoming outing even more interesting is the fact that Darren Aronofsky is one of the producers. Aronofsky has been part of such movies like Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler and Black Swan. Some big titles there. Add to the fact that this story is inspired by true events, it will be curious to see how Arnold fares. Will his presence help or hinder the film?

(The fact that Maggie Grace plays a character in this doesn’t really fill me up with high hopes though, I have to admit. She was a weak link on LOST, and it didn’t take a lot of acting chops to fill her role in Taken…three times over.)

As a Schwarzenegger fan, I know I’m probably going to see this movie regardless. The question is, will the non-Arnold fans come out as well?

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