Will Superman’s Rebirth Be The BIG Moment The DCEU Needs?

Will Superman’s Rebirth Be The BIG Moment The DCEU Needs?

The new trailer for Justice League has arrived and it’s action packed.  If this truly is the final trailer for the film, I’m thrilled.  Batman v Superman’s final trailer spoiled the appearance of Doomsday and basically laid out the film’s plot beat by beat.  I’ll never understand why Warner Bros. felt the need to tip their hand like that.

Doomsday should have been treated like the Cloverfield monster.  A slight hint met with limitless curiosity.  Instead we got a shot of the creature and Superman uniting with Batman & Wonder Woman.

This trailer manages to hold back a ton. (I hope)  We still haven’t got a great glimpse of Steppenwolf or what he’s ultimately after.  We don’t know how the Motherboxes will play into the storyline.  Most of all, we still don’t know how or when Superman will return.

XTRA | How Can Superman Return? | Screen Rant

The glimpse of Clark Kent we got in this trailer is a nice subtle reminder that The Man of Steel will return but doesn’t spoil the big reveal.

Will his suit be black?  Will he fight against us?  The Flash warned us to fear ‘him’ after all.  We’ve seen glimpses of a world where Lois dies and Superman punches holes in humans.  She is the key after all.  If he does return a tad grumpy, how long will it take to be the hero the world needs?

So how will he come back?  Will Steppenwolf be involved?  Will the Motherboxes be involved?  Will it be related to the Codex embedded in his cells as mentioned in Screen Rant’s article linked above?

Regardless of how he returns to the world, I think this is a fantastic moment for DC/Warner Bros.  They have an opportunity to put the Justice League on the brink and bring back the Man of Steel to help them defeat evil.  It’s a moment that could potentially remake the entire DC extended universe.  The world will no doubt praise Superman.  The universe will take notice that a Kryptonian does exist on Earth.

He will inspire the world again.

It’s a moment of pure heroic joy that, if handled right, could send chills down the spines of fans worldwide.  Bringing Superman back is an amazing opportunity to solidify his status as a symbol of hope.  The same can be said for the future of the DCEU.

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