Wolverine Still Has Time In The Intense Trailer For LOGAN (UPDATED)

Wolverine Still Has Time In The Intense Trailer For LOGAN (UPDATED)

[Trailer #2 is here! It’s no where near as effective as the first spot but still…  Whew…  Hugh Jackman is primed to end his career as Wolverine on top of the superhero world.]

Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine.  The character has been through a lot in the 17 years since he first appeared in Bryan Singer’s X-Men in 2000.  That history is on full display in the intense first trailer for Logan.  I think we can all agree X-Men Origins: Wolverine was terrible.  However, his second solo outing, The Wolverine, made us all remember why we love this character.

Now we get to see an aged, battered, beaten and bruised Logan at his lowest point.  This trailer is phenomenal.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I’m thrilled they took a dramatic approach rather than the predictable ‘action heavy pounding rock music’ approach.

The haunting music is absolutely perfect here with Logan expressing his hopeless view of the world.  Obviously, I’m not handing out an Oscar here but I love the look and atmosphere in this trailer.  It’s unlike any X-Men movie we’ve ever seen.

In my opinion, X-Men: Apocalypse was a huge step backwards for Fox’s X-Men franchise.  It’s a little bitter sweet that the franchise’s biggest star will be hanging up his claws when Logan is released.  It didn’t hit me until I saw this trailer that we may never see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine again.  Even though Jackman already stated this will be his final appearance as the character, I don’t fully believe it.  I think he will be persuaded to accept a cameo or two here and there.  If this is his final film however, it looks like he’ll be going out on top.

Great trailer.

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