YouTube Gaming: A New Platform For Storytellers

YouTube Gaming: A New Platform For Storytellers

Creating video game videos, live streams & engaging in competitive gaming is no longer a hobby of a select group of enthusiasts.  It’s been a multi million dollar industry for a while now.  Entire networks of passionate individuals call this bourgeoning industry their career and they excel.  We live in a world with video game competitions that have prize money that rivals major golf and tennis tournaments.  In some cases, the purse exceeds them.

People who love video games record themselves playing their favorites while they narrate what they experience.  This multi layered form of storytelling (and that’s what it is) can generate hundreds of thousands of views per video.  There are users who can achieve millions of views!  Content creators build up enormous libraries of content covering hundreds of games and limitless hours of entertainment for their fans.

These same entrepreneurs also stream their content live.  At times for upwards of 12 to 24 hours straight!  These streams offer an intimate glimpse into the lives of players.  You can’t help but feel an attachment to the content creators you enjoy watching.  As a result, these players are capable of live streaming daily content to huge – and loyal – audiences.  These same players now stream for charitable donations and raise and impressive amount for various charities they support.

It’s truly fascinating for someone like me who has followed the industry quietly from the outside.  Services like Twitch have been around for a while.  It’s there, endless broadcasts for any game you can think of are available 24 hours a day.

Now, Google has entered the ring with YouTube Gaming.  After losing the bidding war with Amazon to purchase Twitch, the tech giant created their own platform.  This will undoubtedly create an increasingly competitive environment for players looking for maximum exposure for their content.  Today, channels usually stream live on Twitch and post videos on YouTube.

Personally, I’m excited to see how this industry evolves next.  There are already gaming events taking place in arenas and broadcast on major sports networks.  Platforms like YouTube Gaming and Twitch will only gain steam as more people realize this medium isn’t going anywhere.  There are thousands of storytellers broadcasting right now.  Today, it’s easier than ever to find the ones that tell the kinds of stories you love.


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